It Began

The Lavelle Family has operated Teach Cruachán B&B in Dooagh since 1987. To offer visitors to Achill something extra, they set up Achill Bikes in 2011.

The Great Western Greenway opened at the same time, but even after being recently extended onto the island, the Greenway's closest point to Achill Bikes HQ in Dooagh is still 12km away. This distance makes it challenging for Achill Bikes to offer the kind of bespoke service that they work hard to do, so Achill Bikes now offers cycling on the island of Achill ONLY and no longer covers the Greenway.

Lots of people want an authentic local experience, and luckily, the Achill Cycle Hub, with three Cycle Loops that cover most of the island - and all the Banshees of Inisherin film locations - is less than 3km away in Keel.

With Achill Bikes you can discover the quiet roads that wind through beautiful Achill Island on the most sustainable method of transportation – a bicycle.

Achill Island is the perfect location for cycling, with majestic sea cliffs, sandy beaches, blanket bogs and rugged hills. Traffic is light and people drive on Achill with a road-sharing attitude.

Michael says, "We enjoy meeting our clients and advising them on the most suitable bicycles and routes for their abilities. We supply a map of the island, and go through to make sure they get the most out of their island cycling experience."



Speaking of rugged hills, electric bicycles are fast becoming the favoured mode of transport around Achill Island. They take the pressure off adult cyclists, allowing them to relax and appreciate the beauty that surrounds them. Depending on the bicycle’s specification, the terrain, and the level of assistance selected enroute, an eBike will help you cycle up to 100km around hilly Achill. Our eBikes are manufactured in Europe to a high specification, and with one you’ll be able to cycle from Dooagh, around the longest and most challenging Cycle Loop 1, take a couple of spurs off the loop, and arrive back in Dooagh with power to spare.

Of course, if you prefer a workout, we have a good supply of hybrid and premium hybrid bicycles to choose from. We supply helmets and hi-visibility vests free of charge to every cyclist. We’ve often supplied them for our clients’ friends who have their own bikes too, as safety while cycling is important.

We inspect and service all our bicycles regularly, and our qualified bicycle mechanic follows a strict maintenance schedule for each bike throughout the season. We are Raleigh partners, and they supply the spare parts we use to keep our bikes in tip-top condition.